DC Restaurant - By Darren Chin


DC restaurant is located along Persiaran Zaaba TTDI, Kuala Lumpur - an urban township, housed in a 3-storey building built in the 1970s.

Each floor houses a different experience, inspired by the same spirit of innovation

Moonbar - cocktails and tapas

A ideal place where guests can enjoy pre-dinner or after dinner drinks into the cool breeze of the midnight moon. Resident Mixologist Ash-a expert veteran in classic cocktails, Makes the best dry martinis and negronis in town. As well as concocts Moon thematic style cocktails. Moonbar would also be ideal for some light bites and tapas before you start your meal. DC


DC 1.0 "la Salle" dining

Literally means -The Room- features
DC restaurant's main dining area, still with a daily changing prix fixe menu, but in a more formal environment. Here, our culinary experts push the boundaries, with a touch of luxury transporting diners into the sublime.


DC 2.0 "Salon" dining

Adjacent to that we have our salon private rooms, which feature 3 private rooms that fits perfectly larger groups of 10 persons per room. This is a intimate dining space for private dinner parties, smaller exclusive events and special occasions.



DC 3.0 Louis Xiii Special Red rooms

Showcases a collaboration with Grand Maison Louis xiii Cognac. Complete with personalised lockers and two individual private rooms. This seamless design interior is paired with exquisite dishes crafted for this great cognac house.


DC 3.0 Moonbar Fine Dining

Along side, is our breathtaking Moon Bar with key elements of a life size oil painted Moon and blinking fibre optics, this space Could literally transcend diners to the stars and beyond.


DC 4.0 Cellar with Darren Chin

Enter the pinnacle of DCs cuisine through a immersive Omakase experience. Presented and having chef Darren Chin cooking in-front of you. Menus are based on seasonal premium ingredients of the highest quality. All hand selected by chef. Dishes are focused, restraint and precise. This space also holds a walk in wine cellar that showcases 4000btls of wine. And would entice any wine connoisseur to find their next food and wine epiphany.




"DC - The Next Evolution"

At DC Restaurant, our ever-evolving discovery for culinary excellence is based on the following:

Global cuisine in the current times have seen palates of gourmands and epicureans evolved around the world. For now, we believe Southeast Asia takes centre. Providing a plethora of different tastes, smells and cross cultures. To amalgamate these flavours gives diners a new exploration of sensory experiences.

Still French techniques honing culinary skills over the years are imperative to applicate the right treatment and respect towards ingredients.

Hence to recognize the Malaysian soul as a multicultural ethnic community, it is imperative we celebrate our values, family upbringing and personality.

We have broken our commitment to five facets that define our approach:


By blending the finest elements of local and global ingredients with the rich heritage of Malaysia, we create dishes that offer both familiarity and novelty, inviting our guests to embark on a culinary adventure.

Lush & Green:

Sustainability and freshness are fundamental to our kitchen. We prioritize vibrant, locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring that our menu is as environmentally conscious as it is delicious.

Terroir Driven:

Each dish we craft is a tribute to the land. We celebrate the unique flavors and qualities of our region's produce, highlighting the distinctiveness of our local terroir.


We proudly support local farmers and artisans, sourcing our ingredients from those who share our passion for quality and sustainability.


A harmonious dish is about finding the right balance between what is intended and what is presented. Most importantly a dish has to make sense in mind and palate.

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Having cooked professionally for 14 years and trained in France for 2 years. I hold strongly to certain principles, which form the fundamentals of my cuisine and art.


Even though I have been classically trained in french kitchens, I am a strong believer in "la Jeune Cuisine"(young cuisine). This philosophy is driven by a new generation of chefs, determined to strip away the unnecessary and redundant. To me, this term denotes a new cuisine, unpretentious, to a certain extent raw, and which presents nature's bounty it in its purest form.

The end result is a plate of food that unpretentious, natural, and of course, delicious!


I want to give back to the community what I have learnt. share with fellow chefs the techniques and concepts which I have developed, educating younger chefs, as well as diners, to be more open to the possibilities of cuisine.


Proper cooking technique forms the building blocks of good cuisine. Without basic knowledge and technique, there is no innovation and creativity. This is what distinguishes a chef from a cook.


I am truly passionate about what is in season, how we can prepare a good recipe by celebrating ingredients at their peak.

Even though we do not have four seasons in Malaysia, we speak with our suppliers and farmers daily, so we know when ingredients are at their best.

Weather also plays a important role, in our mood and how we feel whilst we eat. On a cold, rainy evening, I crave something warm and soothing, perhaps a steaming bowl of meat consomme, with homemade spicy sausage and the crunch of flax seed tuile...


Food is a powerful tool, and can make us feel different in so many ways. I would like to show diners a different kind of approach to food. All i ask for is our clients come into DC restaurant with an open mind. Allow the chefs and staff to take you on a special gastronomic ride, as our dishes and techniques constantly evolve. So please bear with us if we are not serving your favourite dish on any particular day; we are always looking to improve and add excitement to your dining experience!

Chef Darren Chin


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DC Restaurant


DC Restaurant

no 44 Persiaran Zaaba
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur


mobile +60123812991


Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday (Dinner only)- 6pm to 11pm